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Let’s Talk Race! Conversations Post Ferguson


Good Morning World Wide Web,

There are several conversation going on.  The conversation in this YouTube video ended well, but can Talib really walk into a room of reporters or scholars and give his insight?  Will they listen to him?  If you go to any news outlet now and type Ferguson MO into the search bar, there will be some results.  What took place with the shooting death of unarmed black teen Mike Brown has sparked conversations across race, cultures and the color lines.  It’s good to see the dialogue.  Some of them have great points.  Others not so much.

I think we can all agree that a real conversation is overdue. Personally, I attempted to find some key stakeholders and bring people together almost naïvely hoping that through a series of talking we could get started.   I don’t expect that a simple conversation or a series will change anything immediately.  The one thing I know is that a conversation will be a step in the right direction.  Real conversations.

In my neck of the woods we’re calling on the collegiate community; the scholars.  I’m not opposed to the participation of people who’ve chosen to mount up their debt and excel at standardized testing for cramming 12 weeks of material about an array of subject, but I think conversations need dichotomy.  Instead what you find are important narratives become more political in nature where there’s a top down approach.  Listen, I get it!  Your student loan bill, title and socioeconomic status places you higher on the food chain, but where you go home and the person who has a tomorrow interest in what happens today aren’t equal.  Ideally Ferguson should be discussing Ferguson and inviting who they’d like to the table.   Instead societal norms and “buzz words” have created efficiency in not having conversations but hosting trends.  I’m literally getting in line for a title myself.  I respect the process.  We have a great country and some of our greatest leaders have advanced education.  I don’t want to sound as though I’m discounting education.   I’ve decided to go back so that I can make a difference.   I can’t rap,sing, play football, basketball or any of those other groovy sports to get a platform quicker.   I’m about 18k in now and counting.  I’m assuming my voice will cost me another 10k just to get in the ring.   Reality is not a 3 month class.  It’s real, and until there are real stakeholders at the table, it is my opinion that nothing will ever truly be resolved.  A combination of knowledge and experience are the perfect bowl of punch.


Are You Mexican?




Good Mornoonevening World Wide Web!  Each Tuesday Evening at 9 pm EST we hold a chat on Twitter picking a unique, question, answer or topic as it relates to the people, family, friends and children who are biracial, multicultural, or multiethnic.  The topics can be anything.  I welcome you to even submit your topics at info@wecheckother.com  to open up the discussion lines.  We have a full hour on Twitter where your opinion, laughs and at times facts are welcome.  Tonight the question that will be discussed is, ” Are you Mexican?”  Join in the discussion @wecheckother on Facebook & Twitter



You’re NOT Black, White or Mixed Enough!!!



Greatest Afternoon World Wide Web.  “Today is a GREAT day!  We are all closer to perfection today than we were yesterday!” -Marjorie Molina.  Today as the Carolina Blue Skies shower me with beautiful inspiration, I want to speak to you from my heart.  I own a multi-faceted vision.  My heart beats faster and my being becomes engaged while learning and participating in any conversation or function that encompasses race, culture, ethnicity, identity & diversity.  Honestly, the question that has been posed to me in my travels the most is, “You’re a black woman, why do you care about diversity?”  Really? It doesn’t help that I’m multi-lingual and I’m married to a Latino.  I’ve been written off as a “wanna-be” or not owning my “black.”  I seriously thought about calling L.L. Cool J.  We should collaborate.  I get it.  (I truly plan to) Chris Rock  gave his movie, “Good Hair”  So many have introduced this issue, that has soooo many levels.   I’ve had a few people say they were going to take my “black card”  I’m not “black enough.”  “Black Enough?”  Should I snap and roll my neck, speak improperly?  Maybe that would make you like me.  I should submit to stereotypes and help facilitate the progression of wounded social norms.  But the meat and potatoes is, “You’re NOT multiracial”  But…My children are.   My soul is wrapped around my two children.  I breathe to love them, and create a future for them that will allow their integration as productive adults into our society.  That has been my job since I gave birth and it will be my job until the day that I retire.  I see a gap in our current beliefs and understanding that leaves room for my children and children and adults like them to have questions about their identities. I am seeking to fill that gap.  Recently, in a conversation I had someone tell me I was promoting racial assimilation.  That I’m trying to “whitten the race.”  I could just let my children say they’re black, besides, the one drop rule would apply to make it true.    I could just call them “black” and let them have the privilege of being lighter skinned, and having “good hair.”  Here’s what I understand about multi-racial, cultural and ethnic identity.  It’s not about being “let into a club”  Can I check your box?  It’s not about that at all.  Instead it’s about, I’ve grown up in a house with two people who look differently, believe differently,  share different cultures etc, and personally, I don’t want either of “your boxes.”  I am a unique individual beyond the threshold of your post 1776 German doctor views.”  This is what I get most times I meet someone who is “mixed”  There are some who say, “I am mixed”, “I really don’t know how to answer that question” or they solely identify with one over the other.”

The German medical scientist Johann Blumenbach, whose 1776 book, “On the Natural Varieties of Mankind,” established the five-race model we know  today: “Caucasian, Mongolian (Asian), Malay (Pacific Islanders), American Indian and Negro.”

Their parents go through hell trying to exist in a world of turmoil and petty quarrels over their varying existences together. The movements of interracial acceptance didn’t began in the U.S. until the 1960’s and trickled to a post confederate south that never truly opened up to the understanding until later in the 1970’s.    Imagine that it wasn’t until the year 2000 that people of mixed race were able to check more than one box on the U.S. Census.

I am a Mother!  I was born to change my future, my children’s & anywhere that my arms can reach.  I know that’s what I was born to do.

Thank you so much for tuning in.  As always if you would like to reach me; my email is always open.  I’m always looking to connect with like minds.  email me at DiverCityInc@hotmail.com.  I’m on Twitter @MarjorieIam  @wecheckother.   Make your day GREAT!