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Other adjective: [uhth-er]
1. additional or further
2. different or distinct from the one mentioned or implied
3. Different in nature or kind
4. Being the remaining of two or more

Race Deciding the VOTE; Election Day in America

Good Morning World Wide Web!  It’s always a beautiful day.  Today we are one step closer to perfection than we were yesterday.  If you’re not a mainstream media follower or outside of the U.S.A. then you may not know today is Election Day.  There are elections here every 2 and 4 years.  The election of the 4th year increment is where the president of the United States is selected.  There are two contenders; Republican candidate Governor Mitt Romney and democratic candidate President Barack Obama.  As I turn to every channel, I hear a dialogue.  One that doesn’t particularly focus on the candidate, or the issues.  I haven’t even heard much about the voters.  I’ve really only heard about the color of the voters and who will likely vote for who.  “President Obama will likely gain the black and latino vote!” I heard someone say.  “In the key state of Ohio Governor Mitt Romney will likely gain the white vote, although the vote is divided” I heard another say.  If that doesn’t SCREAM WE ARE A NATION OF RACIAL DIVIDE then I don’t really know what else can.  Imagine the very color of someone’s skin being the deciding factor as to whether they can maintain a seat in the highest office in the land.  A politically correct way to play up or down racism I assume.  It completely dodges one of the most sensitive issues of the American existence.  Well I never once heard, what about the black and white home?  What about the black and white child?  What about the asian and white or asian and black child?  Of course that of a double minority background would choose a bi-racial president.  Although I have never even once heard him referred to as a bi-racial president.  He is the “black” president according to main stream media.  It completely trumphs the fact that a white woman and a black man came together and made a child, no matter where the father is from.












Republican Candidate                                                                                              Democratic Candidate

Governor Mitt Romney                                                                                           President of the United States

Barack Obama



Honestly I don’t see the colors black or white on the skin of either candidate.  I actually see something completely different.  I see the candidate on the left Governor Mitt Romney who is classified as “white” american here in the U.S. as a beige.  He proudly proclaims that he was born in Mexico.  I was watching Univision 2 days ago and found a complete Romney family in Mexico who is waiting in anticipation to meet their distance cousin.  They proudly showed the cameras a wall of a long line of people with the last name Romney there in Mexico!!!

Catching Up with Romney’s Mexican Cousin, Previously Aired on Univision

That’s a super interesting video.  At least I found it to be.  Could it be?  Could it be that the one drop rule is ruled out on one side and not on the other, as long as the skin tone remains fair?  That’s another blog post.  I promise that it’s coming!  Stay tuned!

Back to politics, Of course, president Obama is of a European American Mother, and an African born father.  In America thus far we don’t call that multi-racial.  I feel that the problem is that there are millions of Obama’s that have been born in America, but most people just call them “light skinned” or “red bone” in the black community.  In some cases it becomes where lighter skin has been favored over that of dark skin.  This is yet again another blog post.  I promise it will come also.  Please stay tuned!

So fundamentally today who we are voting for, if race is based on what the eyes can see, are two men, who’s color seem to be in the same color spectrum.  It’s like deciding to paint your home and you tweak your color by a percentage to make that color that resonates in your soul.  Of course the ability for melanin to be affected can play a role on the color according to what season you’re in, but it takes you right back to the same truth; I still don’t see the color white or black.  I see two totally different colors, that are almost in the same family.  Hair colors are both black, and neither have blue eyes.   I see both candidates have a nose that’s not so small, and both have very small lips.  Hair texture; well that is where we’ll change the man.  Governor Romney has straight dark black hair with grey highlights.  I have also see this on Indian, Asian, Mexican men as well.  The hair is almost identical.  On the other hand President Obama has hair that appears to be courser.  If he could be in the white house and grow his hair out to any length beside low then his natural curls would probably display themselves.  Indeed this is another blog post.  Not all mixed children have the hair texture that would automatically distinguish them.  In this case he does.

I just took you on a journey of complete generalization, with a few facts.  That’s how we do it here in the USA.  We look at you, size you up, and which ever one you “LOOK” the most like we’ll just place you into that box.  Unfortunately, children are being born in multiracial families that are challenging this choice system for us all.  What to do about it.  Will a child from a black father and a white mother, who is born with mostly white features then become white and be able to cross racial barriers because they are white now?    Has this happened already for decades?  Yet again another post.  My goal is to raise awareness for the children being born within the group first.  Then the rest can come.  Today is an important day in America, as the commander and chief will be selected in the United States.  Unfortunately, in the current climate the choice will be made with racial bias, ignorance and hatred being factored into the vote for some in both parties.  Will more people who want to or are willing to make a difference step forward?  I would love to hear from you.  Your ideas, feedback and comments for a SOLUTION are welcome.

Thank you for tuning in.  Until the next!  MAKE sure you go and VOTE!!!!!








A Spark that Lit a Flame

Good Evening World Wide Web!  Welcome to We Check  If this is the first time that you’ve seen this page I would like to first off welcome you.  I want to give you the short reason of why I am here and what my goal is.  I am here because I am the mother of inter-racial AND inter-cultural children.  My goal is to eventually have a community of parents, grandparents, friends, family and just simply people who identify with this multifaceted issue in some capacity.  The truth of the matter is I’ve found that most people need support who are living outside of their comfort zone; loving and co-existing with people unlike themselves.  I have a vision, but as I’ve come to realize in just getting starting, some things just don’t go exactly as we plan.  I’m ready to just let this vision take shape, and re-baseline if necessary.  I want to share with you an experience that started me on my journey over 5 years ago.

It was 2007; the year of the birth of my daughter.  Patiently awaiting her arrival surrounded by loved ones, friends and family with the best of intentions.  It started to receive comments that some even considered to be compliments.  I am brown, culturally American (I’ll explain later to not loose track)  and my husband is brown, culturally Hispanic.  My attempt to illustrate is to give you an idea, a vision if you will of what the world SEE and ultimately what determines the realities of race and culture in America and throughout the world.   I am BLACK and he is HISPANIC, according to the boxes.  By the way, one is a color and the other is a culture.  “I sure hope she gets his hair” someone from MY side says.  “Do you think she will have BLACK lips or a BLACK nose?”  Someone from his side asks, and the list go on and on.  Once my perfect little daughter arrived, I noticed the checking her for “RACIAL FEATURES.”  She has a nose like her father, and hair.  She looks like him, but she’s still black,”  Someone said to me.  I realized then that this gravitation to want to find a box, where you fit a few of the items and we’ll put you there was coming alive with my daughter.  The reality of the situation is that she is both, and had no typical bias features of either race that I noticed.  The only correlation I could think of was mixing red and blue.   I am going to visually mix the colors red and blue.  If I can see red more than the blue, then it’s red.  Right?  The reality is it becomes purple, a totally different color.  It even becomes apart of a different color scheme.  Here’s a vision.  I see an argument among adults over who is right and a child caught in the middle.  One that will only understand the bias from their home and possibly hasn’t learned one.  Fresh and close to REAL LOVE.   One that LOVE both parents and have features where they now don’t resemble one race in particular.  They resemble both of them.   Of course, my daughter is not a crayon, but my job as a mother is to instill within her that the human existence will deliver to her anything that she is passionate about.  Whether she feels comfortable co-existing comfortably within the 2 cultures in her case, or whether she gravitated towards one in particular, the decision should be hers, not that of bias, racial ignorance or racism.  How do you achieve that?  My idea is to allow more consideration for OTHER, and keep your boxes.  We don’t need them.  I will check OTHER.  Let me mention my past, and tell you my ancestry.  If we must deal with what some consider to be facts, then do a DNA test.  For some that won’t even generate high numbers of what the world SEE.    Tell me what you think.  I am open to ideas.

Thank you so much for tuning in.  Until next time.  What is your OTHER?

Hello World!

Hello World!

Welcome to a dialogue, with an intention to educate, celebrate, and every now and again attempt to define what “OTHER” means to the human kind.  We check other is an idea birthed from a real life issue that as a mother of multi-racial and multi-cultural children, I’ve found to be so 19th century.  Pre-evolutionary!  Oh how the world has evolved!  We have cars, lights, houses built in days instead of months by life sized machines.  We have buildings that attempt to touch the sky, women can learn now and participate in society.  So many items and events that have shaped our existence.  Milestone after milestone we move forward and continue to grow with the sweat of the human resolve.  With the evolution and the passing of laws throughout the U.S. and some parts of the world people who don’t look or think exactly alike have been allowed to co-exist.  From that cohabitation, millions of children are born each year, and they are left to fall through the cracks of a cracked society.  One that hasn’t quite mended all of the wounds of the past in order to facilitate a stable foundation to continue to move forward.  These children love a mother that looks different from their father or vise versa, and even participate if different sometimes conflicting cultures.  Some have grandparents, siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts and additional family members who look different, believe different, were raised completely different, yet they are being provided a unique opportunity within the confines of their home to enjoy them both…sometimes.  Outside of their comfort zones are a different environment at time, some are good and some are bad.  I personally don’t believe anyone has bad intentions.  Most negative perceptions are really just based on a lack of knowledge about someone that we haven’t been exposed to.  I hope that you will join me!  Here anyone and everyone is welcome.  All that are different and even those that are not from a multi-racial or multi-cultural perspective.  Maybe you’re apart of a culture where you don’t look exactly like those around you.  You are lighter, or darker.  Maybe you have different hair texture of eye color and came from the same mother and father that are culturally alike.  Genes are an awesome part of who we are, and they have plenty to do with out outward appearances and even predisposed conditions.   I sometimes make the correlation I have coffee, but I just can’t bear it without cream, and raw sugar.  I look forward to a long lasting relationship of discovery and milestones together.  Thank you!