Facts Overload/Getting Started


Good Early A.M. World Wide Web.  I wanted to start with plenty of facts to begin the community.  It’s amazing how facts can omit some of the obstacles that could come up.   I will create rules of engagement to protect anyone in this community as it grows.  I realize that the world isn’t quite ready to hold hands and sing cum-ba-ya, so any bullies in the room will be omited and reported to law enforcement if necessary.  There will be plenty to come.  I’ve never actually felt so alive.  Since I decided to listen to the Divine voice that has been urging me to get started for about a year now, I feel my inner self growing daily.  I’m now literally walking around with a pen a paper recording every single idea that comes into my mind.  I am learning so I ask your patience as this is a completely new experience for me.  We Check Other is my passion, but electronics haven’t been nice to me lately!  I’m taking the punches and spending time getting  to know the protocols better.  Please be sure to check out my pages on facebook and twitter



Once I get the pure hang of getting all of the programs connected, I plan to take you with me on my smart phone.