Love’s First Experience in a Box

How much heart goes into these first words to the opposite sex?  It is our first real experience with expressing emotions to someone outside of our comfort zone.  We look at the person, day in and day out mustering up every tiny piece of adrenaline inside of our little bodies.  Finally after 3 weeks of contemplation, it’s finally down on paper;  “Do you like me? Check yes or no?”  Yes is cut and dry. You like everything; even when I wore my shoes backwards to school yesterday.  No is just heart-break and possibly the biggest blow to our little tiny self-esteem that we’ve ever felt.   We are then forced to go home and find re-enforcement among those that we know love us the most.  Our mother or father who will comfort us, puts our shoes back on the right foot, wipe our tears and then give you the best little pep talk that our little 5-year-old heart can handle.  It probably went a little something like this, “Well baby, there will be many more” or “That’s not what they really meant, maybe they were just afraid.”  No matter how this fundamental first self-esteem pep talk went, we became familiar very quickly with the power of what was inside of a box.

On the other had, let’s say, this creative little child decided to place their own answer.  It went a little something like, “I like you but I also like Bradley because he smells like strawberries when he comes to school.”  We’d go home and find every strawberry in the house and rub it on your clothes.  Our mom would have washed a load of laundry before she realized what was even going on.

It’s amazing how such fundamental principles began to shape our reality.  To think that it all begins in a box.  The answer has to fit within them, and the answer can change our experience with the outside world for time to come.   I know this isn’t exactly as multi-faceted as race, but it does lay the ground work and begin to stress the importance of a box and the answers that lie within them.  It’s always been my opinion that there should be some sort of small science class to integrate the little minds of children at a young age.  Instead of shoving a turbulent history class into their souls, it would be more beneficial to lay a foundation of relation as the human race first and then expound maybe mentioning the past.  Until we remove our focus, true healing can never take place.  With relation to race and its many obstacles, children are taught at home what will eventually shape their realities about other people who look differently.  Bias are formed mostly from lack of exposure.  Most importantly, an outdated US census only includes 5 boxes for a humanity that has evolved and migrated around the world into a land that boastfully proclaims, “A land of immigrants.”  We are advanced in science and technology, yet the common sense of knowing the DNA is so complex escapes us.  We know deep down racial purity is almost non-existent, and even in places where it is, there is DNA in that group that would still tie all humanity back to one place of origin.  Religion talks about one origin.  “How did western civilization, and humanity reach across the globe?  This idea of checking other will only open a dialogue to feed us baby food.  It will help to understand that the answers we seek are beyond one box, but in baby steps.  Hopefully one day in the future, the true answer and perhaps a truth that no one has escaped will be a more popular answer.  Until then, the people who love each other who don’t look exactly alike, and have children that don’t fit into a box can check other.  They can check other and let the census know that the boxes are outdated, and love has busted out of the barriers once set.  A new reality, one that has always been, has been birthed, but now visible and able to be realized by all.


Thank you for tuning in.  Happy Monday November 5.