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Since the Web is world-wide, I want to lay the foundation and let you know I understand cultures have different issues.  I want to use general examples to reach the seed of an issue.  Inter-racial relationships  are a sign of the times right?  Maybe.  Or maybe it has always happened, and just not dealt with.   One of the most valuable and powerful references that I know is the Holy Bible.  In my research I found some 20 versus that didn’t seem to agree with inter-racial mixing in Galations, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Exodus, and the list goes on and on.  I remember thinking, “WoW! I understand why some people are so up in a bunch about this issue.”  I even found on the internet a radical CHURCH site that was literally screaming instant death to all mixes.  It was not the one that most would assume, it was actually a CHURCH!  Why couldn’t they?  It’s in the book of reference.  Most certainly they can.  There are tons of references though and this is the issue.  I also found John 3:16 that made my heart smile again.   Like most everything in the Human Existence there are several ways to approach this.  Beliefs that shape a society; so lets talk about a vastly different example serving the same purpose.  An example are the beliefs of the Nez Perce, American Indians native to east Oregon and Idaho where their Genesis is humanity is the creation of the Coyote, a trickster transformer inhabiting the earth before humans.  Coyote chased the giant Beaver monster Wishpoosh over the EARTH leaving a trail to form the Columbus River.  When coyote caught Wishpoosh, he killed him, dragged his body to the riverbank, and cut it into pieces, each body part transforming into one of the various regions.  The Nez Perce were made the Wishpoosh’s head, thus making them the master of this RELIGION or BELIEF SYSTEM.  What stood out to me in this belief system is that it never mentioned a color or race.  It simply mentioned a species.

Belief systems in every case depict our connection to the world and how we relate to it.  In America the U.S A. Constitution was written and founded based on the religion of Christianity.  Which takes me back to the 1st statement of finding verses  in the Holy Christian Bible that didn’t agree with Inter-racial mixing.  Similarly I found that Jews, Christians and Muslims share a similar genesis of humanity, but nothing specifically about races or cultures.  Hinduism deals more with the spirit , life cycles, and reincarnation.  For Hindu, the diversity of life on earth come from 3 GODS.  There are hundreds of belief systems around the globe, and no 2 are alike.  Can you imagine what it is to live within a household where two cultures are trying to co-exist and the outside world is in dis-array?  I’ve heard horror and success stories alike.  As a matter of fact, I’ve had a few of my own; both horror and success.

Now I want to place this here because I realize that assumptions can be made.  I have no particular affiliation or want to make you explore or join any of the fore mentioned religions.  I am simply exploring our world and trying to offer an understanding of how someone can arrive at some of the obstacles that are faced within people of different races and cultures coming together and uniting.  I am also considering what it means to American.  There are multiple ethnicities that make this unit.  Latino, Indian, Asian, Several people from middle eastern regions and islands alike were all born in America and are American citizens.  This subject is indeed multi-faceted.  This has happened as well around the world in places where naturalization is allowed.  There are different races and cultures mixing and making creations that don’t look like either of the two involved.  Ones with and without features that society would place them into a box of demographics.  It has been cultural beliefs that have completely prevented some from realizing there is a topic of discussion that must be fostered at some point.  I think the most valid point is that in the U.S.A. marrying inter-racially was prohibited by law in most of the land until the 1970’s.  Post 40 years integration from everything from schools to people, the climate of this culture is evolving to yet another reality that may be on the horizon.  Race as we ACCEPT it, is evolving.  Changes of rules and amendments within our culture have removed barriers, that prevented growth.  Just like all existence evolution is the inevitable result.  My children are OTHER.  A beautiful creation of two people who dared to look beyond racial and cultural unions and forge a lasting union.  Tell me what your other is.  I welcome your opinion.

Thank you for your attention.  Until the next!