“We Check Other”  realizes our existence is maximized when we’re all included, treated fairly and with respect.    Our goal is to empower, inspire, and spark conversations that will invoke social change.  Founded in 2012 by Marjorie Molina,  this unique platform seeks to identify and provide a virtual voice for a growing demographic that selects the racial classification “Other” when prompted to identify their race.   Marjorie Molina is a member of a tri-racial, multicultural family, raising children and collecting experiences that inspired a thirst to host conversations, blog, educate, and inspire others to search deep within for values that make common sense, moral sense & align with the key components of cultural competency.   

“We Check Other” is a platform for bloggers, forward thinkers, global citizen,  educators,  industry professionals, and all people who select the racial box “Other” when prompted to identify your one race.  As the ideals, pictures, and compass of the “modern family” evolve, we seek to host enlightening conversations and events that will shine a light on what people and their lives who select “Other” as their racial classification look like.  Individuals with experience are the experts in this platform.  The who, what, where, why & how are collected from people who live and own rich experiences.  We encourage your participation through guest blogging, forums, event participation, data collection, and monthly Twitter chats.    Anyone with a story, experience, education or information can add their voices to this platform.

MultiRacial, MultiEthnic, MultiCultural Community! "PEOPLE" without RACE boxes.

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