The Mission


The mission of We Check Other is to forge a path for individuals, families,  and passionate global citizen to explore the topics of race, culture, ethnicity, gender and identity.    This forum focuses specifically on the target demographic of people who select “Other” as their racial classification.  We seek to answer the who, what, where, when and why using real testimonies via guest bloggers, educators, individuals and organizations to shed a light on the subjects, and topics that are important to facilitate understanding and ultimately change.  We Check Other will  inspire, educate and impact every individual involved in our conversations and events.  The goal is to place people and their unique experiences first.    These leaders forging the path of diversity understanding and inclusion are mothers, fathers, friends, daughters, sons, co-workers and classmates.   We encourage broad based participation so that the development of data is collective and diverse.  Together using our shared experiences and testimonies, We Check Other seeks to lead the way with ideals, and policies that will benefit this generation and generations to come.

MultiRacial, MultiEthnic, MultiCultural Community! "PEOPLE" without RACE boxes.